Spring of 2016 feel’s like an eternity compared to where I am today, which is 16 days until my commencement ceremony at San Diego State University. I remember sitting in my first graphic design class at State after transferring from City College learning the basics of a point, line, and plane in Illustrator when my teacher started to share past senior’s printed graphic design portfolios in an attempt to inspire and show us what to expect over the next few years. I was in shock. I remember asking, “Am I supposed to know how to do all that already? Wait, what’s 11×17 paper? Those beautiful margins, visual hierarchy, typography, colors, and photography were concepts I only wished I would learn. I left that day in disbelief but excited for what I may learn in the next few years.

Fast forward to the very end of my last semester, I’ve learned more than I ever thought was possible in two years. I opted to stay an extra semester at school because there were so many design classes I wanted to take, past my degree requirements. Besides my passion for branding and print, I am also slowing starting to enjoy web design. This semester I took a class for “fun” called Design for the Internet 2. It’s an advanced web design class focusing on HTML, CSS, and media queries. This course, paired with building an online portfolio, really opened up the way I view and appreciate web design. I used zero plug-ins to make this site. Every column, image placement, type treatment, and personal branding elements were created using code. I’m overly happy and relieved to finally be done with my portfolio (even though we’re never really done!) and I’m excited to see where my work takes me next.

Thank you to all of my professor’s at San Diego State University who has helped me along this journey: Patricia Cue, Gary Benzel, Scott Wyss, Russ Prior, Arzu Ozkal, and Katie Stapko.

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