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Design Thinking



Project Role

Brand Identity
Brand Extensions
Photo Editing


The objective of this project was to use design thinking as a creative problem-solving process while working alongside an already established company to help identify problem areas – both visually and strategically – to rebrand while offering creative and innovative solutions to help successfully launch their brand.


Over the last year, the company called BetterTomorrow designed and patented a free-flowing spout that attaches to the top of liquor bottles. They’ve partnered with pharmaceutical experts, holistic health practitioners, and flavor experts to create a unique concentrate called Haloshot. Haloshot helps your body remain hydrated and stocked with key vitamins while also enhancing the flavor of your shot or drink. There are several flavors of Haloshot, each designed to go well with all types of liquor. As alcohol is poured from the bottle, the spout mixes a consistent ratio of Haloshot with the liquor. Haloshot enhances the taste and takes away the burn, while also helping your body rehydrate and recover from the negative effects of alcohol. The spout gives bartenders the ability to quickly pour liquor while simultaneously delivering better-tasting, electrolyte-boosted drinks.


Value Proposition

This project marks the transition from student designer, to professional designer. I was able to take all the knowledge I learned from the previous four years of design classes and implement those tools into solving real design problems for a company. I was able to show professionalism, quick responsiveness with communication, share insightful ideas, and have a valued opinion on more than just visual design choices.


BetterTomorrow is in a market where many products are gimmicky, sell false promises with their advertising and many are labeled as “too good to be true.” Consumers are also hesitant to try many products on the market because they come in pills and other methods that are not friendly or inviting. The market is saturated with many small companies that offer essentially the same product.


  • Integrate the products into the consumer’s habits
  • Offer convenient and easy methods of consumption
  • Transparency—we can help mitigate the negative effects of alcohol, not cure it
  • Use science-based research
  • Educate consumers on what causes hangovers and how to ease the symptoms

Brand Promise

Creating health-focused products to help mitigate the negative effects of alcohol delivered in a fun, convenient, and seamless way.

The Story

This project is a great testament to why you should always say yes to new opportunities, no matter how big or small the job is. This was originally a Branding class initiated project that started with my professor receiving an email from a new startup company in search of a student designer to help with design work for a product they were in the process of launching. This email was passed along to me, and although uncertain, I reached out to BetterTomorrow and sent my Junior portfolio for them to view. I explained that I would love to work with them, but we needed to follow my class schedule as well as the process for our next project that included using a design thinking methodology. I took this opportunity to present myself, to my client, as the designer I always saw myself being outside of college. I wanted to step away from being the student designer and present myself as a respected professional designer, with a healthy dose of humility. There were a few answers and methods along the way that I didn’t have the answers to for; however, I worked twice as hard to find those solutions and to reach out to others in the field who could help. At the end of the semester, my hard work for BetterTomorrow paid off, and I was offered my first freelance position with their company and continue to be a part of their great team.

Design Thinking Process


During the empathy phase, I began to gather as much information about BetterTomorrow to gain a better understanding of who they were as a company and to see where they wanted to be in the future. I identified the stakeholders and had the Co-CEO fill out a thorough questionnaire describing their target audience, competition, potential barriers to success, and positioning. The questionnaire even asked what keeps them up at night. I wanted to identify any and all problem areas with their company.

After getting a clear understanding of what embodies BetterTomorrow I began examining their competition and companies they admire. Two top competitors are Drinkwel and Morning Recovery. They liked Drinkwel because they have a great public relations strategy and a nice product portfolio. Secondly, Morning Recovery has a great website with strong branding. They also liked Morning Recovery ’s background story and recent widespread publicity through Facebook advertisement called, “Former Telsa Engineer Creates Hangover Cure.”

Asset 1oldlogo
Current Logos
Current Product Packaging
Asset 4oldlproducts
Top Market Competitors

User Personas

Asset 10persona
Peter, 29, Lawyer
Single, works long hours and travels frequently, prefers a select group of bars where he meets coworkers and clients, enjoys interacting with the bartender and they know each other by name.
Favorite drink: Gin and tonic with lime
Asset 9persona
Rachel, 34, Nurse
Married, health focused, takes daily vitamins and supplements, prefers a select group of bars, but is open to recommendations on where to go, prefers to remain seated at bars and have little interaction with the bartender.
Favorite drink: Martini
Asset 8persona
Julia, 23, Sales Operations Analyst
Single, frequently goes out with her friends after work, likes to bar hop and explore new places, enjoys interacting with the bartender.
Favorite drink: Mojito


After compiling the information I received and analyzing my observations, I defined the core problems with the current brand for BetterTomorrow. I created a problem statement that I then used as the basis for all future solutions. This problem statement brought clarity and focus to the design process.

Asset 11persona
Problem Statement


I started generating as many ideas and new solutions to the problem statement as possible. I quickly learned that their current logo and product name, Haloshot, needed to be changed in order to align with their new brand direction. This phase started with divergent thinking and rapid sketching. I created sixteen new concepts for possible logos and brand identities. These sketches were narrowed down and further refined according to the feedback and direction I received from the stakeholders after each iteration. This phase lasted nearly one month and I documented the process and the back and forth communication in a timeline.

Asset 12timeline
Ideation Process and Communication Timeline

Prototype + Testing

With the final mark selected, I then proceeded to generate fast prototypes to give stakeholders a sense of what their new brand identity could look like before a final commitment.

Key Deliverables Requested

  • Logo
  • Spout design
  • Copywrite script to pitch to bars and clubs for future partnerships
  • Bar poster with drink specials
  • Drink coaster
Asset 15script
11×17 Bar Poster
Letterpress Coaster
Spout Color Prototypes
Asset 17spout
Script for Potential Bar Partnerships

Brand Assets

Design Brief

BetterTomorrow’s positioning is what sets them apart from other companies in their market. They emphasized the importance of providing education to their customers on the causes of hangovers and using scientifically backed evidence for their ingredients and marketing. I chose to show this within their final mark. The hexagonal shapes create a pattern that fills the water droplet. This represents the science behind restoring your hydration and vitamin levels, and the importance of each individual piece that makes up the droplet. Transparency played a key role in the name change as well. Since they’re simply stating that you can have a “better tomorrow” while consuming their product with your alcoholic drink, and not a hangover cure, it made sense to get rid of Haloshot and have BetterTomorrow as the parent brand. Having BetterTomorrow as the parent brand creates the opportunity for future monolithic brand architecture as the company grows.

Audience Needs

A lot of healthy people drink, but there aren’t many solutions or aids for them to do so and still carry on with their lives the next day. The consumer needs a health-focused product that helps mitigate the negative effects of alcohol delivered in a fun, convenient and seamless way.

Brand Characteristics

  • Transparent
  • Human
  • Simple
  • Fun
  • Scientifically backed
Asset 13logo
Final Mark
Asset 4color
Color Palette
Asset 8p

Beyond the Classroom

Project Deliverables

  • Spout design
  • Bottle label
  • Pitch deck
  • Executive summary
  • Product photography
  • Marketing collateral for bars and events
  • Sell sheet
  • Business plan
  • Website graphics
  • Business cards
Dasher Bottle
Refillable Spout Attachment


Pitch Deck for Future Partnerships
Sell Sheet
Business Cards
Website Graphics